WoW: Season Of Discovery Goldguide

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I've always been goldcapped in World Of Warcraft, and i've been making content on Youtube & Twitch for 8+ Years, i've also played the game since vanilla, and focused on goldfarming since then.

I've made a E-book on how to obtain gold in World of Warcraft - Season Of Discovery!

The E-Book is a complete guide on how to obtain gold in world of warcraft - Season Of Discovery
Includes all of the BEST Goldfarms in the expansion!

Showing you the exact ways & farms step by step on how to achieve loads of gold.

 so if you purchase the book, you will recieve any future updates FOR FREE!
This guide is updated to Phase 2 Goldfarms, but as soon as the other phases of Season Of Discovery rolls out, ill update the book FOR FREE!


  • About Me
  • Basic Settup
  • Professions
  • Addons
  • Macros
  • Various Goldgrinds lvl 25-40
  • Tailoring Crafts
  • Leatherworking Crafts
  • Blacksmithing Crafts
  • Enchanting Crafts
  • Alchemy Crafts
  • Cooking Crafts
  • Skinning Farms
  • Fishing Farms
  • Herbalism & Mining
    *The Guide will recieve updates, and everybody who has bought the guide, at any given time, will always be sent the newest version to their E-Mail, for free*

- non refundable

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WoW: Season Of Discovery Goldguide

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WoW: Season Of Discovery Goldguide

10 ratings
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